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Globe Domination

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After asking today what I should blog about next, this title came about, for some mysterious reason.Yes I have been on a bit of a world domination spree lately.Ok, not just lately I admit, its in my blood, my nature, my character.

I wasnt always this way.Used to be a doormat in my youth, but times change us and any knocks or bad experiencesjust callous the heart and make us harder.I have had my share of those, more than my fair share, in fact.However in the words of beautiful Pink, I wouldnt trade the pain for what Ive learned.Better to be harsh, embittered, hard, domineering and cynical than a naive, gullible, soppy, blase, innocent doormat?

Well perhaps not for everyone, but this is my armour and Id rather keep it on, thank you.My protection is to be ruthless, cut-throat and vicious at times.Attack is the best form of defence after all.I can appear heartless, vindictive and ice cold, as anyone who has been on the receiving end of one of my ranting tirades will agree.It is an awful way to view the world, perhaps, in some peoples opinion.Why not be optimistic, expect the best from people, put faith in humanity?

I would so love to be like that but we are only the sum of our experiences, and.o believe her ex-brother-in-law, and as a longtime fan with a perpetual soft spot for this girl, especially after all her troubles, I say leave Britney alone!Have you ever had an ex's family member go nuts on you? Hopefully not to this degree!Other celebs with recen.d conducted vibrations perfectly.

So strong was my grip on the Fifi that when I removed my hand from the base the vibrator stayed in position unlike others which tend to vibrate all the way out. Up to now the performance of this vibrator was impressive.I pressed the button taking the speed up to max and it was felt fantastic, a slight movement of my hand in and out rubbed my? G spot and guided the clit vibes up and down the length of my clitoris. Orgasm was imminent so I pressed the middle function button and the vibrator started to throb which hurtled me towards my tipping point as my breath started to become shallow and rapid.

My toes curled my heart beat quickened in my chest and an electrifying feeling took over my body from feet to my pelvis…I quivered as I came leaving hold of the Fifi to grasp at the duvet.If I had to make a criticism of the Fifi it would be that the middle button, used to select the pulsing modes, is quite small and can be difficult to operate.

You seem to have to press hard to get it to click and advance to the next pattern.I was concerned about the volume of the toy when I tried it in my hand but when in use and inside , it’s just fine.This vibrator is perfect for the moderate to experienced user but may be a little overwhelming for a rabbit newbie, I’m not sure they would be ready for the all consuming experience of using it. But it is certainly a vibrator to work your way up to. Je Joue, Fifi vibrator, rabbit vibrator, silicone vibrator, silicone sex toy, rechargeable vibrator designer vibrator.

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Dark chocolate Adore Component 1

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He took me that night, to some fantastical chocolate place and I don’t mean from a Roald Dahl book.I love food and I love sex.Combine the two for the kinkiest, sexiest, most perverted sex.I adore it.Having admitted this fact to him, he obviously wanted to take full advantage.

I love when he takes full advantage of me.Anyway.I’m not sure if we covered the After Eights occasion that happened a few months ago?They were left upon the side after an evening.Everyone had gone upstairs and we were left embracing on the sofa in the lounge.Talk turned to teasing turned to fondling turned to glances by him to the After Eights and a really naughty twinkle in his eye I gulped.

He smiled wider.Pushing my head down to suck him (I love when he does that, hand either firmly in my hair or grasping my pony tail if I’ve made one and really shoving me down), he moaned contentedly as I took him into my mouth.Turning me round half way so I was in 69 position sucking him, my pussy over his face.From where he was he could reach the table beside usSuddenly, I feel cold, smooth, SOMEthing entering me.Being pushed slowly into me.My lips being peeled apart, me still with his cock deep in .ight to me.So there you have it.Ive totally changed my mind about the whole competing with an ex thing.When youre happy in your relationship, your ex is the last person on your mind.But what do you think? How do you feel about the whole celeb ex phenomenon?

Has it ever.ed with water based lubricant the Flange slipped into place feeling before the current was applied like any other small to medium sized butt plug.Suze tentatively applied the current and I felt stimulation almost immediately and found I needed only a low setting to get a tingling thrill and twitching anus that gripped the probe with each pulse. Suze realised I had reached my maximum comfortable level and experimented with the feel and rate of stimulation.Then I surprised her and myself by asking her to turn up the power.

Each time she increased the stimulation I waited, got used to and enjoyed the sensation and then wanted a little more.Wow!Using the kit was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting experience.The controllability of the Series 1 Power Box is such that even novices can feel confident that electroplay is something that puts them and/or their partner in charge of their pleasure.Every element of the kit feels slightly industrial and is presented in a similar manner but manages to feel solid, well built and simple to use too.The controls are smooth and robust with the variable knobs having a velvety action and the four position mode selector positive and purposeful.

Users of this kit can feel confident that they decide how much or how little stimulation they will experience, which is probably why I found anal stimulation particularly quite addictive.In fact I even found Suze toying with the “Flange” electrode in the bathroom after I’d washed it so who knows … I might be in charge of the Power Box tomorrow night!

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Diary: Woman Day Consider two! Wining, eating as well as L'ensem

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You may remember that my girl and I went for a Girl Date to Wagamamas and to see the wonderful Les Miserables film.We enjoyed it so much we decided to go again!I booked the tickets a couple of days before and on that Sunday (20 January 2013) off we were driven to the SexToysBrandBrayford Waterfront in nearby Lincoln city centre, where there is a lovely ODEON cinema and some great nightlife, pubs, clubs, restaurants all that kinda thing.We werent sure where wed eat this time.Wagas was fantastic the week before, but we wanted to try somewhere new.

Upon arriving we strolled around and finally decided upon ASK, an Italian themed, modern looking eaterie, clean and cheerful and moderately busy with a bustling atmosphere.ettling in our seats we were pleased to be in from the frosty air outside.The waiter brought us some menus and we had a little peek at the offerings.Of course we looked at the wine menu first.Did you expect anything else?

I had a glass of Pinot Grigio and Harlot enjoyed the Pinot blush.We chatted and enjoyed the wine then decided to indulge in a bottle between us.Well why not? Night out, no driving wine is always a good plan!Harlot pre.e me feel stupid at my next event.Dating is hard enough!Don't you think a book swap is a brilliant cheap vibrators way to get new summer reading material and meet a hot bookworm? Are you proud of me for going to this event on my own and not leaving 30 seconds into it?

I kind of am, if .he escalation modes.I simply left the vibe wedged between my lips, resting it on my thighs. This gave the strongest waves of vibration and this little baby is powerful. My clit was responding to the attention and I’m sure I could feel it pulsing in time with the escalating rhythm. One moment, just have to turn the volume down, those girls make some right noise and I have neighbours. This felt really good but I wasn’t quite there yet.

I pressed the + button once more and was returned to the continuous vibratory mode. Another couple of clicks and it was set to full vibration, I started to impulsively roll my hips just like I was using a small hoola hoop.That was it!? I had found the lelo perfect stimulation, the strong vibrations coupled with my hip movement was gently massaging my clitoris in to submission. A touch of genious, I pressed my hand on to the back of the head nuzzling it firmly against my swollen bud.

The combination of vibration, pressure and movement soon had my back arching and I knew orgasm was imminent. A few more gyrations and I was there, toes and fingers tingling as my body was wracked with pleasure. A loud moan escaped from my lips as I placed my spine back on to the mattress.This toy is wonderful for a vibrator newbie because it is so versatile, you can use it for massage, clitoral stimulation and even slip the tip inside for internal pleasure. The trade off for such power is the noise level, it’s not a toy you could use discreetly, although it isn’t the loudest vibrator I have come across.

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Compensated upon Outcomes How you can include your own affiliate

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As Affiliate Manager at Sextoys.o.k, people keep asking me how to add our lovely banners and also trackable deep links to their blog.It will be slightly different if you have a WordPress blog, but this morning I answered the question to a lovely cheap sex toys who also uses Blogger and I decided to post my reply here too in case anyone else needs help in this area!

I have tried to make the steps as simple and easy to understand as possible.* In your blog, go to your dashboard then somewhere near your name and picture, click design* On that page somewhere you can click add a gadget* On that page choose HTML/Java script (click the + sign)* That brings up a box where you can stick in a descriptive title for your banners or whatever you put in the HTML box, and the main bit of the box.

On Paid on Results, there is a link on the side menu, for Merchants, and underneath that, Merchants Joined.Click that* Find us on that list, Sextoys.o.k* Click the box next to us which says Creative* Find a banner you want sexy girl by choosing from the various categories/styles/sizes* When you find a banner you want, click Get HTML code* Copy this code and paste it in the main bit of.

of Hearts and Roses and Candy, besides mysteriously coming down with the flu? I did some digging from my male friends and turns out, there are.homp whomp.laughed about it.Another friend of mine said, "A lot of us will joke about it and downplay what we're going to do. They'll at le.t full sized Fleslight insert I’ve used.Externally Tanya’s soft lips are well modelled and inviting, enveloping you and nestling satisfyingly against your pubis when you are fully inserted into the toy.

The suction provided by this Fleshlight, as with other models is controlled by unscrewing and tightening the cap on smaller end of the case to suite your preference.After use cleaing is easy with cheap vibrators the three-part hard case and isomer insert all wash separately before air-drying and reassembly for storage.

Fleshlight recommend you wash the toy, then apply some of their toy cleaner, then their restorative powder to return the toy to its “original condition”.One tip.Fleshlights come supplied with a hard plastic tube inside the insert to ensure it is delivered without any distortion.So don’t be surprised when you find this when you clean it before first use.This Fleshlight was supplied with a VStroker, a device that allows you to interact with content from the VStroker.

Website in the form of videos made by each of the Fleshlight girls and also with a PC virtual reality sex game and an online community called “Red Light Center”.I’ll be covering that aspect of the toy in a separate review as it applies to any Fleshlight – so it can be regarded http://www.sextoysbrand.com/anal-toys as a separate upgrade for those of you who already own a Fleshlight.In summary.This is one of the better Fleshlights I’ve tested because of the Lotus insert.If you’ve a fan of Tanya Tate you’ll not be disappointed when you slip yourself inside this copy of her famous pussy.

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Sinful Weekend: L8rs L8rs Dull, Hi Rock and roll Girl!

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Last week saw the transformation in me with new hair colour, black/red then an actual night out, to an actual pub and not even just that an actual club afterwards all at 6 months pregnant! Its making me yawn again thinking about it.~has a quick nap~But never mind that.

I don't feel boring any more, which I say counts as a win.I have actually been in tears at ti. about as important.As penis size increased, so did the attractiveness scores, especially in flaccid (sorry for that word) penises up to 3 inches.Interesting factors: Women with greater body mass index more strongly preferred bigger penises, and size was most critical to a tall man's attractiveness, probably for proportional purposes.

Luckily for dudes concerned about being judged on their possibly inferior characteristics, how often to women go around meeting totally naked guys and ranking them on their bodie. just in time. He climbed the stairs and walked in to the bedroom.“I see you have been keeping yourself entertained”, he quipped.I smiled and removed the Oui from under the duvet to show him.“Oh, it arrived then”, he grinned at me.After removing his suit and shirt he climbed in to the bed with me wearing just a pair of bottom hugging boxer shorts.

I placed the vibe on top of his groin, his cock twitched, he was clearly enjoying the feel of me and the massager on his stiffening dick.Within minutes he was hard and ready to please.And he did.Yes, I loved the Oui, it’s small inoffensive and powerful but I was a little disappointed that the seal on the toy inhibits it’s use near bodily fluids or water.

But I’m sure the design could be adapted to possibly by fitting a seal to overcome this.That said this toy has inspired me to spend a little more time loving myself rather than simply getting off.So the question is, do you like this massager? My reply can only be “Oui”.You will??be able buy the Oui from the usual Cal Exotics outlets such as Pleasure Productions and ?Eden Fantasys.(NB at the time of this review only Pleasure Productions seem to list the product).

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